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Parallelle tralies gemaak van hout en staalstawe vir speelplek buite

Parallelle tralies gemaak van hout en staalstawe vir speelplek buite

Model nommer:




Afmetings L*W*H:

200 * 110 * 150cm

Speelkapasiteit (gebruikers)



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Delivery Tyd:

2 weke


30% deposito, die res betaal voor aflewering

Toevoer Vermoë:

100sets per maand

Parallel bars practice is a typical movement practice for students to develop support and support swing under the condition of bearing their own weight. It plays an important role in making up for the imbalance of upper limb and trunk strength development. By doing the exercise on parallel bars, it can effectively develop the strength of players' upper limb, shoulder belt and trunk muscles, especially the development of deltoid muscle, pectorals major muscle, abdominal muscle and dorsal muscle, and enhance the flexibility and flexibility of elbow, shoulder, lumbar joint and ligament.
Through various forms of swing, leg separation, rotation, push and other movement exercises, improve the body's self-regulation and control ability in time and space, and play a positive role in students' balance ability, support and coordinated development.
Children will play happy, lively and playful on the parallel bars. Due to the change of the movement, sometimes because of the split leg sitting or turning 180 degrees and touching the bar, rub the bar, as well as the whole set of practice on the continuity and integrity of higher requirements, not only need students to have the courage to overcome difficulties, tenacious, decisive, but also need students to master self-protection and mutual protection and help skills, to ensure the safety of activities. Therefore, parallel bars practice has a positive role in promoting the formation of students' good psychological quality and the cultivation of their will quality, such as unity, mutual assistance and cooperative learning.
Through parallel bars practice, students' ability of support, ability of supporting and surmounting obstacles, ability of spatial perception, orientation and balance will be greatly improved. It also has a good effect on the formation and improvement of practical skills in daily life, labor and military training.

Daar is 4 keuses van die soliede hout: Amerikaanse suidelike denne, Finse hout of Indonesië palissander. Die grootte van die paal is 100*100 mm. WPC (hout en plastiek saamgestelde) met aluminium versterkingsraam, die grootte is 110*110 mm.
bars Vlekvrye staal
Gebruik vir montering moet van vlekvrye staal 304 wees.


Skole, parke, oorde, hotelle, woonstel, gemeenskap, dagsorg, kinderhospitale, restaurant, supermark, kampeerplekke


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