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Professionele kinderspeeltoestelle vir kinders binne TQBS181217A
Professionele kinderspeeltoestelle vir kinders binne TQBS181217A
Professionele kinderspeeltoestelle vir kinders binne TQBS181217A
Professionele kinderspeeltoestelle vir kinders binne TQBS181217A

Professionele kinderspeeltoestelle vir kinders binne TQBS181217A

Model nommer:



1-5 jaar

Speelkapasiteit (gebruikers)



Minimum Bestel Hoeveelheid:


Verpakking Details:

Plastiekdele: Borrelfilm binne, krimpfolie buite
Metaalonderdele: Katoen en borrelfilm binne, krimpfolie aan die buitekant

Delivery Tyd:

4 weke na ontvangs van die deposito


30% deposito, 70% betaal voor aflewering

Toevoer Vermoë:

300 stelle per week

It is a comprehensive play center. The whole set is divided into 4 sections: EPP blocks, sea balls, parents area and the main maze structure.
EPP Blocks area: it is latest big size of blocks which is different from the old desktop blocks. The main material is soft EPP, so it is very light&convenient for children to move it anywhere as needed,  we also have various colors available to meet the need of design or customers’ satisfaction.  Children can make any kinds of figures as they like or what they can imagine, but it is difficult for single child to do the work, so they need to find partners to finish the games together. After finishing the installation, children can play&enjoy with their own made”architecture”.  In the processing of the game, it will help children to do more exercises as flattening, building, stacking, dislocation, enclosing, and closing to increase their balance ability.  Children also will find the important cooperation of group work.  
Sea balls area: The colorful ball center is always charming to all the children, no mater little or older ones. We put some interesting play games inside the ball sea, to enrich the fun for children. It will help children to learn the feeling of  Color recognition, hand-eye coordination, thinking logic, collective consciousness, rich imagination, etc.
parents area: This area is fitted  with  soft sofa, tables, chairs, for parents or accompanied adults comfortable staying here. The sight of here is very clear, then parents can easily find their children when they playing inside. Usually parents will communicate with others for the experience of childcare knowledge. It also give the chance to get more friends.
the main maze area:
This part is a combined structure,  including 4 lane slides, space tunnel, horn ball, triangle deck, square deck ,rainbow climber, functional panel,punch box, swing, single bridge, riders etc. The theme of this area is candy play center, matched with bright & multi macaron colors. Children will be absorbed by the appearance, if they see it. After children going inside the play center, they can do a lot of interesting play activities, games, such as sliding, climbing, hiding, riding etc. It will make them feel fully enjoyed their childhood time, meantime during playing, they not only get fun, it will help them a lot: 

1. Bevorder veelvuldige neuro -gedragsontwikkeling van kinders.

2. Oefen kinders se balansvermoë om liggaamsbalans te handhaaf.

3. Verbeter hand-oog-koördinasie en verbeelding.

4. bied 'n platform vir kinders se groei en leer.

5. bevredig die begeerte van kinders om geheimsinnige sielkunde te ondersoek.



Gegalvaniseerde staalpype, wanddikte van 2.2 mm in ooreenstemming met die National 
Standaard GB/T3091-2001, met 0.45 mm PVC-skuim bedek

Sagte dele:

Sagte dele: binneste — hout; middel — spons; buitenste - PVC


Ingevoerde Samsung LLDPE
Helder kleur, eenvormige dikte en hoë sterkte plastiekdeel (Standard GB / T 4454-1996). 
Voedsel-gegradeerde LLDPE bied kinders 'n baie veiliger, gesonder en gelukkiger paradys vir kinders se groei.


Navigasiekabel met diameter: 16 mm (bevat 6 drade staaldraad)


Klemme moet van aluminiumlegering gegiet word


EVA, verskillende grootte en kleur vir u keuse


Skole, parke, oorde, hotelle, woonstel, gemeenskap, dagsorg, kinderhospitale, restaurant,



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